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Camper trailers in Cleve Eyre explorer trailers

Cleve 4WD & Camping Centre provide all mechanical repairs, supply 4WD Accessories and manufacture Eyre Explorer Offroad Camper trailers.

In addition to providing all mechanical repairs in Cleve to trailers and all makes of car, four locally constructed models of Eyre Explorer Trailer Campers are available: Wanderer, Drifter, Getaway & Escape. Speak with Cleve 4WD & Camping Centre and discuss which of our camper trailer servicing and construction options suit you best!

Trailers designed & built by campers for campers

In addition to performing all major and minor car services, Cleve 4WD & Camping Centre owners Mike and Sue manufacture their own Camper Trailers on site in their Cleve car service. Specialising in off-road campers, we have 20 years of manufacturing experience and also over 25 years experience with fitting out 4WD vehicles. We take pride in our work and are all happy campers ourselves, so we know what is needed in an excellent camper trailer.

When you have people interested in what they are producing, as well as test their own product in the field, you can be assured of our high camper trailer quality, since Eyre Explorer camper trailers are individually constructed with care and personal attention, not mass produced like other campers. Eyre Explorer camper trailers use only high quality products and give Australian made products first preference. Cleve 4WD also construct custom built camper trailers and perform modifications to other brands of campers.

What makes the best camper trailer?

When choosing your next camper trailer, the primary concern is to have an extremely robust trailer at as low weight as possible. Rectangular Hollow Section tubing used in Eyre Explorer camper trailers provides a sturdy frame with minimum weight and without allowing twist, thus making the trailer stronger. A longer draw bar (‘A' frame) is run back and welded to the front spring hangers.

When buying a camper trailer with a tent, consider the following items:

  • Trailer construction: an important factor to consider - where and how your trailer was made
  • Internal frame work: this component should be simple and easy to assemble in minimum time
  • Tent canvas: protecting you from outside, the canvas needs to be water proof, mildew proof and good, sturdy quality
  • Fly screens: insect protection screens should be strong, yet fine enough to keep out the smallest of mosquitoes
  • Ventilation: on hot days, without enough air flow inside the camper can get very uncomfortable, so more and bigger windows are better.
  • An awning is essential and should be supplied as standard feature to sit and cook under while being protected from unwelcome environment elements.

Another item of interest is the compatibility of the various parts used to construct your camper trailer. For example, your trailer suspension springs should match the trailer weight and usage, as inadequate springs can lead to failure and damage of trailer and your cargo contents. Springs for off-road use should have a W shaped spring on top of the leaf (this is a rebound spring which reduces bounce). The only leaf springs that should be used for off-road are Eye to Eye with high tensile 5/8” U-bolts with long nuts. It is also beneficial that the Wheel and Tyre equipment on your trailer matches the towing vehicle.

Get your camping organised now!

In addition to constructing camper trailers and providing camper parts, Cleve 4WD & Camping Centre also sell solar panels for cars, boats and caravans as well as practical camping equipment for your offroad adventure, supply and fit roof top tents and foxwing shades, provide 4WD equipment and accessories and car service for all motor vehicles.

Cleve 4WD & Camping Centre is your best source for all your Caravan & Camper Trailer needs, Professional Car Service, 4WD & Outback Accessories and more!

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